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Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions that are asked, that are not mentioned below, will be added if applicable!

 Is there an exercise manual?

A huge amount of exercises and workouts for loop exercise/resistance bands already exists on the internet for free, in the form of both charts and videos. I have added a page with links to some of the best HERE

Making more exercise videos and printing manuals and charts seems pointless given the sheer amount of free content already out there, so to save costs and in turn offer you a better price, the above page has been made instead. Although ElastiTone bands are made differently and are stronger than the latex bands used in most videos, the way you use them is the same, they just offer more tension and don't stretch as far, which may make standing overhead presses difficult or perhaps not possible if you are tall and want to stand up when doing so.

Do you offer bulk or wholesale discounts?

No discounts other than those already mentioned on the purchase page, if any, are offered. There are no bulk buy discounts and in fact orders may be limited to a set number of bands per person to combat product shortages and the demand caused by Covid-19 and gym closures.

I would like to promote your products, how do I do this?

ElastiTone no longer offer any incentives, discounts, payments, freebies or affiliate schemes etc for recommendations, as this gives a false and bias impression of the product. It is preferred to have honest reviews from regular full paying customers.

If you are want to recommend ElastiTone products, you are of course free to do so and it is truly appreciated!

What are your contact details?

A link to the contact details is at the bottom of every single page. Or you can click HERE.

Do you sell on eBay or Amazon?

In the past ElastiTone have sold on Amazon, but no longer do due to Amazons high sales fee percentage and other issues.

ElastiTone products can still sometimes be found on ebay, but the ebay price may be 10% higher than the website price due to ebay's fees.

Can you make custom products?

ElastiTone does not offer custom or altered products of any sort at this time as they are made in a factory overseas that requires large minimum orders, which are costly to produce and expensive to import. ElastiTone is a product designer and retailer, but not a manufacturer.

If a product ElastiTone does not sell recieves a high number of requests from the public then manufacturing it may be considered if viable to do so.

Are your bands easy to snap?

ElastiTone's new Loop bands should never snap if used correctly for the intended purpose.

I have noticed some wear marks / scratches / pulled threads etc on my band or component after use, can I have a new one?

No, wear and tear is not covered by the defects warranty as it is not a defect, just a side effect of use. Please see the warranty page for full details. You are covered against snapped bands, but not things that occur from normal usage.

Are bands as good as free weights?

Free weights and resistance bands are not necessarily in competition with each other, they are just different in the way that they stress your muscles, which is what makes them grow. Think of them as different tools for the same job.

Muscles grow during the repair process when they recover from being stressed, regardless of whether that stress comes from a weight, a band, or your own body weight. Bands do however have many many advantages over free weights. See towards the bottom of the home page for more info as this has been explained there.