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Contact & Inquiry Details

NOTE: Most questions have already been answered on the site or on the FAQ page.

Please read through the site before asking questions as you will probably find the answer you need has already been mentioned in detail.

General Questions

If you would like to ask a question regarding anything at all, the best way to do so is via email at elastitone@gmail.com or help@elastitone.com

Please allow 24 hrs for a reply to any other questions, though most of the time you will receive a response much sooner!

Order Cancellation

If you need to cancel or change an order, email elastitone@gmail.com a.s.a.p after placing the order.

Orders are sent through to the fulfillment center for picking, packing and shipment booking at around 11pm UK time every evening and will be recieved by them the following morning, after this time it may be to late to cancel or alter the order. If this is the case then you may simply refuse or miss the delivery and it will be returned at no cost to you then refunded minus any shipping fees paid. If you accept the delivery, you will need to pay to have it returned.

Discounts & Affiliates

No disocounts other than those already mentioned on the purchase page, if any, are offered. There are no bulk buy discounts and in fact orders may be limited to a set number of bands per person to combat product shortages and the demand caused by Covid-19 and gym closures.

ElastiTone no longer offer any incentives, bonuses, payments, sponsorships, freebies or affiliate schemes etc for recommendations, as this gives a false and bias impression of the product. It is preferred to have honest reviews from regular full paying customers.

Telephone and Post

There is really no reason to write letters to anyone anymore as this can be done via email instantly, and I am guessing you have access to the Internet since you are reading this :)

ElastiTone is currently a small UK online business ran from a home address with the help of professional factory, fulfillment, shipping and warehouse services to take care of orders, shipping and storage of stock etc, so there are no warehouse, office or phone line staff needed and I do not give out my personal number or address. For this reason I kindly ask that you use email for all inquiries and you will receive a response within 24 hours, often much sooner.


Before you can send a return, you must request a return reference number via email. Once you have done this you can send your order to the following address...

Seaspace International Forwarders
Attn of the fulfillment warehouse.
Seaspace House, Unit B1 Gatwick Gate
Old Brighton Road, Lowfield Heath
Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 0PR
United Kingdom
ElastiTone Return Ref number:(Enter your reference number here)