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NOTE: Most questions have already been answered on the site or on the FAQ page so you should have a read through the site before asking questions as you will probably find the answer you need has already been mentioned in detail. Questions or emails from so called SEO or Digital Marketing companies etc will be instantly reported as spam and deleted.



If you would like to ask a question regarding anything at all apart from when new stock will arrive, the best way to do so is via email at (preferred and can be used for paypal payments).


Regarding more stock, it says why there is no more stock at the top of the purchase/products page in very large bold letters, but if you somehow missed that, here is the answer again below...


Unless Brexit is resolved with a deal that allows the GBP to recover ElastiTone may not be re-stocking.


Please allow 24 hrs for a reply to any other questions, though most of the time you will receive a response much sooner!



Discounts & Affiliates

If you are wanting to ask about a discount, please note discount codes are already o the purchase page. No further discounts are offered regardless of order amount as retails prices are already not far above wholesale prices.


ElastiTone does not offer any incentives, bonuses, payments or affiliate schemes for recommendations etc, as this gives a false and somewhat biast impression. Whilst I am happy for people to recommend the products, I will don't offer payment for recommendations.



There is really no reason to write letters to anyone anymore as it can be done via email instantly, but if you don't have the Internet ( I am guessing you do as you are reading this), you can do so at the below address.


ElastiTone does not accept postal orders or cheques or any other form of offline payment to avoid fraud, as well as mile long post office queues. Postal orders, cheques and other items will be destroyed upon receipt. Thank you for your understanding.


Please do NOT use this address for anything other than letters. This is NOT the product return address it is a Box address like a PO Box. Parcels will be destroyed and not refunded if sent to this address.


Attn of Mr D Richardson
Box 1934 Chynoweth House
Trevissome Park



Returns can be sent to...

Seaspace International Forwarders

Attn of the fulfilment warehouse.
Seaspace House, Unit B1 Gatwick Gate
Old Brighton Road, Lowfield Heath
Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 0PR
United Kingdom

ElastiTone Return Ref number:(Enter your order numbere here)





ElastiTone is not set up to take orders over the phone, they must be made through the secure and encrypted Online checkout system only.

Like many businesses nowadays, ElastiTone is a private business ran from a private address with the help of professional fulfillment, shipping and warehouse services to take care of order shipping and storage of stock etc, so there are no office or phone line staff needed and I do not give out my personal number. For this reason I kindly ask that you use email for all inquiries.

Kind regards